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The Performance Literature Workshop


The Performance Literature Workshop is designed to combine text study, discussion, writing, and performance. The texts for this course will be chosen from works that are written for performance, including (but not limited to) plays, sonnets, poems, songs (folk and popular), speeches, folk tales, etc. We have even tackled works that are not meant for performance, such as essays and manifestos. Each year there is a theme or focus for the literature chosen, and each year a different type of performance literature is chosen.


The Living Art PLW provides the educational benefits of strengthening skills in critical literacy, presentation and public speaking, critical & creative thinking, as well as effective listening. Additionally, students gain exposure to and refinement of the creative processes involved in the art of theatre and public performance. Above all, the Performance Literature Workshop is designed to prepare students to go back into their communities knowing what it means to have something important to say and having the capability & skills to say it effectively & eloquently.


The Living Art PLW is currently offered as an afterschool program in the greater Chicagoland and Metropolitan Nashville areas. For more information on how to bring the Living Art PLW to your school or community, please click here to contact us.


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